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Solitary Retreats in Tharpaland

From the point of view of their duration, there are two types of solitary retreat: short solitary retreats lasting from a few days to six months, and long solitary retreats lasting from over six months to five years. All solitary retreaters observe strict silence during their retreat. However it is possible to ask any appropriate Dharma questions by written correspondence with Gen Devi as needed throughout the retreat. Solitary retreaters will have their own appartment with ensuite facilities, receive three nutritious meals a day and live within the privacy of the solitary retreat area.

Prices for solitary retreat operate on a sliding scale, reducing in price for longer stays.


Prices, according to availability:

  • up to 7 nights – 40€ per night
  • up to 14 nights – 37€ per night
  • up to  30 nights – 35€ per night
  • from 31 nights to 90 nights – 33€ per night
  • up to 6 months (180 nights) – 30€ per night
  • up to 9 months (270 nights) – 27€ per night
  • up to 1 year (365 nights) – 25€ per night
  • over one year – 22€ per night


Please click below for our online booking form. Please fill in the form and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible about the availability of accommodation. If you have never engaged in solitary retreat in Tharpaland before, we highly recommend you join one of our short group retreats first, like the ‘Silence is Golden Retreats’.

Please fill in our online booking form and write any enquiries in the ‘comments’ section, thank you.


Solitary Retreat Booking Form