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Discover your inner Strength

Finding real security in uncertain times

with Resident teacher Gen Kelsang Devi


Sunday, 7 April 2019

10.00am – 3.30pm

teachings in English with German translation



We all wish for security and happiness within ourselves but we often experience a lot of fear, insecurity and mental turbulence. We can learn how to strengthen our mind by improving our good qualities through relying upon Buddha and his teachings, the Dharma, taken as personal advice. Along with the support of our spiritual friends, the Sangha, we can then develop actual protection in our minds, empower ourselves to solve the seemingly endless problems in our life and allow a deep sense of confidence and inner joy now and in the future.

In this course Gen Devi will explain the deeply enriching practice of going for refuge to Buddha, Dharma and Sangha in daily life, as the means to enter into Buddhist meditation practice.

If you wish to formalise this practice, stay for the afternoon session where we will have an opportunity to enter into Buddhism by taking Mahayana Refuge vows in a special ceremony.

You are welcome to attend the morning course without attending the afternoon ceremony. 

Although suitable for beginners and open to everybody, this course is designed especially for those who have been attending classes for a while and wish to go deeper into their practice. 

Course fee: 25€ including a delicious vegetarian lunch