Working Visits in Tharpaland Kadampa Meditation Centre

A working visit is an ideal opportunity to enjoy a rewarding break where you can quickly feel what it’s like to be part of our community. The work on offer is varied and provides a perfect opportunity to experience the Buddhist way of life first hand for a week.

What to expect
Tharpaland Kadampa Meditation Centre is located at Schloss Sommerswalde, Germany in the beautiful tranquil setting of Schwante Forest, only 20km from Berlin. It’s an ideal place to escape from busy city life and to enjoy meaningful work in a peaceful and reflective environment.

The work is varied and could include cooking, gardening, office work, decorating etc. We also have various building projects on the go at any one time that you could get involved in. We are always interested to hear about any specific skills you may be able to offer. Although the work is not always strenuous you will need to be reasonably fit and active to come on a working visit.

The 2 days after a 5 day working week are free time so an ideal time to walk and reflect or attend teachings.

If you wish to stay longer: Trial period: Sometime life happens, or things don’t work out as we wish. That’s how it is, so we have a trial period of one week for both volunteers and the center to see if its working out on both sides.

The Spiritual Programme
As a volunteering visitor you are welcome to take part in the spiritual activities at our Centre. In the evenings you are welcome to attend any of our regular meditation classes and our daily prayers in the meditation room. At weekends we often hold regular weekend courses. The weekly classes are all free to working visitors, but if you wish to attend a weekend course while you are here please book and pay at Reception. Please note there are no classes during our term breaks.

We will provide seven days free dormitory accommodation and three vegetarian meals a day in exchange for 30 hours of work (usually spread over five days). Working visits are usually offered for one week but can be extended for special projects. Working visits must be booked in advance.

Food and accommodation
All meals are either vegetarian or vegan.
We offer comfortable dormitory accommodation – all you need to do is bring a sleeping bag, towel, alarm clock, house shoes, flash light and if needed, work clothes and boots.

Please note: Since Tharpaland KMC is a Buddhist Centre, visitors are asked not to drink alcohol or smoke on the premises. We also ask the visitors not to play musical instruments or sound systems on the property.

INSURANCE – You must have Travel Insurance

Apply for a Working Visit – please enquire for working visitor dates. Key dates for helping set up courses are one week before and after courses. Other projects are ongoing throughout the year.

We are looking forward to your visit!