Tharpaland Community

To become a resident of Tharpaland is a very special way of contributing to the flourishing of Kadam Dharma and an opportunity to deepen our own experience and understanding of a spiritual life.

For more information about becoming a resident, please contact the Administrative Director by email: admin@tharpaland.org

The Red House – completely renovated and finished in 2016. A beautiful historic building with modern facilities, the residents of Tharpaland live here.

Tharpaland is a growing community of (also international) residents who run all aspects of the Centre, including local and International classes, courses and retreats, while supporting solitary retreaters who come from all over the world.

The spiritual community of Tharpaland IRC is a modern example of how to integrate  Buddha’s teachings into everyday life and create a peaceful and harmonious environment that is a joy for every visitor. All the inhabitants contribute to the life of the community through their voluntary work. This includes cooking, cleaning, gardening, helping with the organization of meditation courses and helping in the small shop.

All three study programs are available, including The Teacher Training, Foundation Programme and the basic program with Gen Kelsang Ananda. Also regular retreats, courses and workshops are scheduled throughout the year.