Summerretreat with Kadam Morten Clausen

  August 09 -15


Join the retreat at Tharpaland KMC or at home online via Live Stream or get 7 day access (until 22.8.20) to the teachings!

Practical meditations from the Kadam Lojong tradition that are powerful, simple and life-changing. The emphasis of this retreat is on training in equaling and exchanging the self with others — a particularly powerful method for nurturing our pure, loving heart. Bodhichitta — the actual path to the peace of enlightenment — is the natural result of this training. The meditations can be practiced by anyone and give us a good foundation to find peace, strength and happiness in our normal, stressful everyday life. This retreat is perfect for anyone who wants to deepen practical experience in essential meditations from Buddhist Meditation.

This retreat will take place in the beautiful surroundings of Tharpaland, Schloss Sommerswalde,  if there are no other longterm restrictions due to Covid-19.  Due to current circumstances, Kadam Morten’s teachings and meditations will be transmitted to Tharpaland KMC via live-stream and also available worldwide.

Kadam Morten is the Eastern US National Spiritual Director and Resident Teacher at KMC New York city. As a senior meditation teacher he is much appreciated for his clarity, humour and inspiring presentation of the Dharma. His teachings are always practical and easily applicable to everyday life.

Session times (1-1,5h):

Sunday (first day):
20:00 – Introduction

Daily routine during the retreat:
08:00 – 1st session
11:00 – 2nd session
16:00 – 3rd session
19:30 – 4th session

Saturday (last day):
08:00 – 1st session
11:00 – 2nd session

Silence will be maintained until the end of the second session.

Friday from Schwante Station to Tharpaland KMC at 17:30.
Wednesday: from Tharpaland KMC to Schwante station at 13:50.

English (German translation available on request)

The Tharpaland KMC is a Buddhist centre Therefore all courses are organized and supervised by volunteers. For this reason it is common that each participant is invited to help with certain tasks such as cutting vegetables, washing up, cleaning up etc.

Start and end of the retreat:
The retreat begins on Friday evening at 6pm with dinner. You are welcome to arrive as early as 16:30 to settle in and look around. The retreat ends on Wednesday noon after lunch at about 2 pm.

Retreat fee with accommodation and meals:
Premium single room: 540€
Single room: 492€
Twin room: 408€
shared room (4 beds): 378€
Dormitory: 330€ please bring your own sleeping bag and towel (pillows and fitted sheets are provided).

Without overnight stay with participation on site (including lunch and dinner): 210€

Course fee for online streaming at home: 150€

The retreat starts on Sunday evening at 6 pm with dinner. You are welcome to arrive from 16:30 to set up and look around. The retreat ends on Saturday, August 15th, after lunch at about 2 pm.

It is also possible to attend the retreat for a shorter time, but it always starts on August 9th.