Meditation retreats

In our busy modern life we lack the calm and stillness conducive to maintaining a happy and peaceful state of mind. There is no better way to give yourself a break from the daily routine and reassess your life, than by engaging in a meditation retreat. Here at Tharpaland we devote our time to meditation and contemplation – it is a time to acquaint our minds with positive and meaningful thoughts.

These retreats are guided and give people time to become familiar with a given practice through a morning in silence and also supported by the structure of the group sessions.

Our weekend retreats give you the opportunity to leave the stress of the week behind and relax for a weekend or longer, learning meditation methods that relax and give you fresh energy to better deal with the challenges that wait for you after that. Enjoy this time out with meditations led by an experienced meditation teacher.


As all our retreats are meditation retreats, here are some which are longer than a weekend:

Winter retreat (click for more info).

Spring retreat and Summer retreat


In-depth retreats (please click for more information)

This is a Buddhist practice retreat. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Kadampa Individual Retreat (please contact us for more information)

Individual retreats for everyone (click for more information)