How to create our own good luck

with Marco Thiele


Day Course

Saturday, 8 June 2019

10.00am – 4.30pm

teachings in German (English translation on request)



Essential advice explaining why good and bad things happen and how by understanding the hidden forces in our lives, we can create the life we long for.

Discover how living our life understanding karma can help guide us to lead a life of good fortune and happiness.

Instead of feeling frustrated about the way life turns out, understand how to create the future you wish for. On this day retreat, you will discover the causes that create happiness and those that create problems, misfortune, and unhappiness. If we live within the wisdom of karma we can become confident about the future, relax about the present and let go of guilt about the past.

  • Create a life of good fortune
  • Become accepting of the present
  • Make good decisions with Karma


Course fee: 

30€ including a delicious vegetarian lunch