Mindfulness and Concentration

Being in the Zone


Day Course Retreat 

with Gen Kelsang Devi


Saturday 14 September 2019

10.00am – 4.30pm

teachings in English with German translation



Concentration is essential to a happy life. Normally we are very busy, distracted and have very little power to make the things we wish for happen. Without the ability to keep our mind focused on peaceful, positive states, we remain vulnerable to anxiety, unhappiness and frustration.

Through training in meditation we can develop our concentration skills to deepen our experience of positive, peaceful minds and enjoy the benefits of being more focused and productive within our daily lives.

In this course Gen Devi will give specific methods for improving our concentration and hence our happiness, both in meditation and in our daily life. She will emphasize learning how to meditate skilfully so as to improve both our mindfulness and our concentration gradually and steadily. This course is essential for everyone wishing to improve their meditation practice, increase focus…. and their happiness!

Course fee: 

30€ including a delicious vegetarian lunch