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Public Service

Tharpaland International Retreat Centre is a public charity dedicated to providing the local and worldwide community with opportunities to experience and learn about Buddhism, meditation and retreats. Everyone can benefit from an internal practice that reduces stress, increases stability of mind, and leads to lasting peace and happiness. Our classes are suited for everyone regardless of religion, background, or lifestyle. Buddhism and meditation is applicable to our modern, busy lives, and can easily be integrated and adopted on whatever level feels comfortable. Our programmes range from simple, guided half day course meditations, short and long silent retreats, to in-depth study programs. Everyone is welcome.

School Visits

We have presented Kadampa Buddhism at local schools. The format and content is always suited to the particular audience and we can work with your schedule. Your group is always welcome to attend the centre where a traditional Buddhist shrine serves as a focal point for meditation and discussion. For further enquiries please contact, we would be very happy to hear from you.