Post Spring Festival Retreat 2018

31 May – 6 June 2018


Prajnaparamita – Heart Sutra, Profundity & Clarity Retreat

guided retreat with special guest teacher Gen-la Kelsang Kunsang

Teachings in English with German translation


Following on from the International Spring Festival at Manjushri KMC, England, Gen-la Kelsang Kunsang will lead a retreat in Tharpaland based on the teachings at the festival. Through meditating on these profound teachings we can connect to our Buddha nature and fulfil our potential for complete enlightenment. An opportunity to deepen our experience and understanding of profundity and clarity with Gen-la Kunsang in the perfect conditions of silent retreat.

Gen-la Kelsang Kunsang is the principal teacher for Scotland and a former Deputy Spiritual Director of the New Kadampa Tradition – International Kadampa Buddhist Union (NKT-IKBU). She is the Resident Teacher in both KMC Glasgow and KMC Edinburgh. Gen-la Kunsang has been a close student of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche for more than 25 years, during which time she has travelled the world teaching meditation and explaining Buddha’s teachings. She has won the admiration and affection of many students through her extraordinary pure example of a modern-day Kadampa practitioner and and her loving-kindness. Her teachings are very powerful and clear.




Price includes accommodation, retreat sessions and three meals a day:

  • Single Room:  432€
  • Shared Room:  324€
  • Dormitory:  258€   please bring a sleeping bag (pillowcase and fitted sheet are provided)


Arrival at Tharpaland: Registration opens on Thursday 31st of May at 4.30pm and the retreat ends on Wednesday 6th June with lunch.