Meditation in Tharpaland IRC

Meditation classes in Tharpaland IRC are taught in English by Gen Kelsang Devi with translation into German.

Thursdays • 7.00 – 8.30pm • 6€
Tharpaland International Retreat Centre
Schloss Sommerswalde
Sommerswalde 8
16727 Oberkrämer
Tel. +49 (0)33055 220 533 



Dates for 2017:

Meditation and Mindfulness

Whatever problems you want to solve in life and whatever goals you want to accomplish, the place to start is in your mind.  Meditation is the key to staying positive and managing life successfully.


Meditations on the Mind ~ Blissful Peace of Mind:

The meditation on the clarity of the mind is one of the most powerful and beneficial of all meditations. Not only is this meditation peaceful and relaxing, it gives us deep insight into the nature and power of our mind. As our mind determines our experience in life, it is vital to understand its nature and to learn how to transform it. Through this series of classes we will be able to gain first-hand experience of our mind through which we will come to understand our extraordinary potential for real happiness and deep personal transformation. Everyone welcome.

  • Let go with meditation
  • Relax with the Concentration of Inner Peace
  • Journey to the Quiet of the Mind
  • The clarity of space-like calm
  • 4, 11, 18 May 


Living without Anger: Solving our Anger Problem with Meditation and Mindfulness

By learning to recognize and dissolve anger when it surfaces in our mind, we can experience the freedom and peace that comes from patient acceptance. By staying mindful of the many faults of anger we can resolve to free ourselves, once and for all, from this most destructive mind.

  • Take control, stop worrying
  • Protect yourselves from anger
  • Dealing with life’s frustrations
  • The art of acceptance
  • Freedom from pain and blame
  • 22, 29 June | 6, 13 July 


We also have evening meditation classes in the following areas: