Courage to Change

a special public talk in Falkensee

Wednesday 13 September – 7.00 – 8.30pm • 6€

with Gen Kelsang Devi

Lessing Grundschule, Waldstraße 27a, Falkensee.
no need to book – everyone welcome!





Meditation in Falkensee

Meditation classes in Falkensee are taught in German with Kelsang Drime

Wednesdays • 7.00 – 8.30pm • 6€

Bürgerhaus Finkenkrug
Feuerbachstraße 23
14612 Falkensee
Tel. +49 (0)33055 220 533 


How to Transform Your Life – through mindfulness and meditation

Mindfulness and meditation has been practiced for thousands of years and has many applications that can help to solve the problems faced within our busy modern lives. In this series of classes we will explore how through training in meditation and being mindful of special ways of thinking we can develop a more peaceful, balanced mind and transform our daily experience into one of great meaning and insight.

~ This series is based on the book How to Transform Your Life by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. This inspiring and practical manual for daily life can be downloaded as a FREE eBook

Each week we will discover how by integrating meditation into our normal busy life we are empowered to overcome daily problems (including discouragement, distraction & unhappiness). It also helps us to bring about the positive changes in our life that enable us to experience a deep and lasting sense calm and inner joy, as well as improving and creating fulfilling relationships with everyone in our lives.

Each class is self contained. So, you can just drop in whenever you can, or attend the whole series if you wish. A Course Card enables you to attend the whole series at a discounted fee.

Everyone Welcome!

Drop-in class, no need to book, just turn up!

Dates for 2017:

  • 20 Sept – Connecting to our Potential
  • 27 Sept – Living in the Moment
  • 4 Oct – Creating the Life you Want


Transforming Difficult Relationships; Compassion over Conflict

  • 18 Oct – Connecting Heart to Heart
  • 25 Oct – Love without Pain
  • 1 Nov – Reality Check: Changing How we relate to ourself
  • 8 Nov – Reality Check: Changing How we relate to Others
  • 15 Nov – Compassion over Conflict
  • 22 Nov – The Power of Love
  • 6 Dec – Letting Go of our Limitations


We also have evening meditation classes in the following areas: